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I believe we owe it to ourselves to achieve our full potential in life. As a personal trainer I see that as my role; to help my clients achieve their personal fitness goals and reach their full potential.  It's such a fulfilling and privileged process to be involved in which is why I work my socks off to ensure my clients progress, succeed and transform their lives. I'm a little older than your typical personal trainer (a touch over 50); having alighted upon this new career direction after redundancy from a job in marketing. There we are, I said it, I'm getting on! So I know what it's like and how difficult it is to juggle family, career and keep fit. I know what it's like, and how to keep an ageing (and failing!) body strong, healthy and active. And I know I can help you achieve your goals, whether that's; weight loss, muscle gain, improved fitness for competitive sport, self-confidence or a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.



I've always participated in various sports, activities and exercise from a young age and still do; skiing, snowboarding, cycling, swimming, golf, badminton, squash, tennis, Pilates and strength work.  Extracting a great amount of satisfaction and enjoyment from them and the people they introduce me to. My main passion in sport is running though, specifically ultra running. Race history includes: Ranked 2/65, 21hrs:45mins, 96mi West Highland Way Challenge Race 2023 DNF, UTMB Mont Blanc 2022 Ranked 271/941, 42hrs48mins, 100mi Val d'Aran by UTMB VDA 2021 Ranked 2/79, 24hrs28mins, 104mi Jurassic Coast Ultra 2019 Ranked 98/725, 9hrs56mins, 53mi Highland Fling 2019 Ranked 34/270, 4hrs21mins, 31mi John Muir Way Ultra 2019 Ranked 31/122 18hrs15mins, 73mi Cumbria Way Ultra 2018 Ranked 43/288, 7hrs26mins, 42mi Devil o' the Highlands 2018 Ranked 11/98, 6hrs03mins, 37mi Foxtrail Nocturnal Ultra 2017 Ranked 194/679, 10hrs47mins, 53mi Highland Fling 2017



Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

Level 3 Emergency First Aid

Level 2 Gym Fitness Instruction

Suspended Body Weight Instructor

Boot Camp Instructor

Fully Insured

CIMSPA Approved Personal Trainer Practitioner

(Membership no. R0185105)

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