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Fitness and weight loss has always been my goal… but sometimes my motivation is lacking! And so I have turned into a middle aged woman with a mid-rift! Sound familiar?? What I really needed was a holistic approach to my health and fitness and this is exactly what I got – a rounded (!) and tailor-made plan for training/workouts along with advice on stretching, core workouts and a healthy eating plan that I can work on myself at home. Accountability is key for me. Accountability makes you stick to the plan! Accountability is what I got! I had been searching for a PT for sometime and came across Euan’s website online. From the start I loved the fun and varied workouts. I have to say that some weeks I train more successfully than others. However, I always enjoy the feeling I get after a session, I feel so much stronger and more energised. Training outside in the fresh air also suits me – I hate gyms, I just won't go to a gym, they are so stuffy and quite honestly for someone like me gyms are intimidating! My strength and ability improves every week. My visits to the Osteopath have reduced as my muscle strength has returned. I am yet to be my ideal weight but it is slowly but surely reducing. I have improved my self-confidence and I can run and train in ways I wouldn’t have imaged a year or so ago. My goal this year is the Great North Run in September – I have a lot of training to complete and a few injuries to contend with … but I have support and I believe that I will be able to do it! Thanks Euan for pushing me.


The sessions and additional workouts at home have really helped to improve my general fitness and running.  The accountability really helps me get the workouts done, before it was too easy to skip workouts and fall behind.


Euan has taken my goals and tailored a specific plan to help me achieve them.  This personalised approach really helps with motivation as I can see the improvements.  I would recommend Euan to anyone, he is an excellent PT and really easy to get along with.



Euan is a dedicated and thoughtful professional. His experience and expertise has really helped me understand more about exercise, strength and fitness.  His approach has meant all my PT sessions are thoroughly planned and tailored specifically to help me achieve the goals that we discussed and agreed at the start of my plan.  Euan has taken all my work and personal commitments into consideration before developing my plan. He built a realistic and achievable fitness plan that I’ve been able to stick to.  His knowledge about the body, muscle groups and a woman’s physiology was evident from the start and helped me build confidence in the approach.  In my personal experience, Euan is an experienced professional who brings the right amount of challenge, compassion and kindness to all of the sessions. He knows when to push me harder and when to ease off. He listens and reacts, adapts sessions and always brings good humour to the training. I’m really enjoying working with him and would highly recommend.


Euan's PT sessions are focused on my individual needs; in my case recovery from calf injury and persistent shoulder issues.  Euan is dedicated, knowledgeable and clearly does a lot of homework!


His sessions are very well constructed to address my needs and promote strength and stamina for the main event for me - running.  All set in beautiful East Lothian’s natural landscape which ticks a lot of boxes for me. 



I attend a 1-to-1 session with Euan each week, which are tailored to my specific goals.  Euan is a highly knowledgeable, dedicated and friendly coach who has a passion for helping people with their goals.

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