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Pop the kettle on and have an exercise snack

Sometimes it feels like a struggle to structure your day around your exercise; we've so many competing demands from work to family to socialising. So why not restructure your exercise into your day by taking little exercise snacks (integrating movement into your daily lifestyle and routine). Research* reveals short bursts of vigorous activity offers similar benefits to longer, more sustained workouts.

These 'snacks' can range from as little as 4 second bursts of vigorous activity, totalling just 3mins across the day, to mini 10 minute workouts.

So why not add this exercise snack into your daily routine; the average kettle takes 2-3 minutes to boil. So pop the kettle on, prep your favourite beverage, check the space around you is safe to move in and whilst the kettle boils follow this short workout:

Exercise Snack #1: 'Boiling Point'

Job done. Kettle should be ready now. Pour the boiling water into your mug, enjoy, get on with the rest of your day and repeat the next time you pop the kettle on for a cuppa!

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